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Zákaznicka linka:  +420 730 501 925 - Plechové zahradní domky BIOHORT, prémiová kvalita pro Vaši zahradu. 

Bezpečnost a stabilita


Bezpečnost a stabilita

SECURITY / STABILITYSecurity / Stability / Reliability


Locking mechanism with cylinder lock

The 2- or 3-way locking mechanism prevents intruders gaining access to your property. Our products are built to meet Austria's highest quality manufacturing standards.

Fig. shows garden shed HighLine®



Biohort garden sheds are manufactured from steel plate with double the thickness compared with low-cost manufacturers.
This is the reason for the high stability (our sheds withstand a snow load of 150 kg/m², CasaNova 215 kg/m²).

Expensive materials, aluminium profiles and the use of stainless steel screws all contribute to the durability of our products.


Stormproof up to 150 km/h!

Perfect product development, confirmed in the wind tunnel.

A proven fact! Biohort garden sheds are the sturdiest available, this has been confirmed by the authorized independent research and testing institute Rail Tec Arsenal in Vienna (Austria) after they conducted rigorous tests in their wind tunnel

Level 12 Beaufort-scale.

Biohort garden sheds will withstand the highest level (12) on the Beaufort-scale. This is equivalent to a wind speed of 150 km/h.

So even in the event of a hurricane striking, you have nothing to worry about! Your securely anchored Biohort garden shed will remain firmly in place.

The hot-dipped galvanized, polyamide enamel coated steel plate used by Biohort is „fireproof“ in acc. with EN 13501-1 (Class „A1“). 
This ensures a maximum of security and makes the use of Biohort sheds in places with an increased fire risk, such as camping sites and underground car-parks  - safe!

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